Introduction to TGHS Library

Never Stop Learning

Students welcome to your first day of library skills here at the Tivoli Gardens High School. We are happy and feel very special that God trusted us to teach, care for, and to nurture you. We encourage you to make the most of this very noble institution. We have something here that you will need for your positive development, and hence the reason you were planted here at TGHS.

You Will Never be the Same Again!

Be positive, keep your excitement and passion and be determined to learn. Here at the library, we love to say that once you visit our library, you will never be the same.

Again, I welcome you and I am excited about the fun times we will spend exploring, discovering and learning. May God continue to bless and cover each and every child who journeys through this library and this school.

Time for Our Video Lesson

Please see below for a video lesson entitled: “Introduction to Tivoli Gardens High School Library.”

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You can also download the above video as a PDF file (for printing, or reading on your computer). Please click on the blue link below this paragraph.

Introduction to TGHS Library

Jamaican Proverbs

This segment is dedicated to some Jamaican proverbs. I remember growing up with these sayings. We knew the “old folks” by the things they said. It seemed they had a wise saying for everything we said, did, or about to say or do. Be careful, I know you now saying that Miss Crawford is old too. Seriously, allow me to take you down a memory lane of proverbs.

As is the custom in our library skills class, we must first use some time to understand the word we seek to use and so we will now look at the definition of the word proverb. Please click the word “proverb” to see the meaning.  According to the Collins English Dictionary, “A proverb is a short sentence that people often quote, which gives advice or tells you something about life.”

Please take a look at the proverbs below:

  1. If  you get your han’ in a debil mouttek it out.

    Translation:If you put your hand in the devils mouth, take it out carefully.
    Explanation:Act cautiously in getting out of difficulty.”

  2. Cowad man kip soun’ bone

    Translation:A cowardly man keeps sound bones.
    Explanation:It is better to be thought of as a coward than to give away one’s life through impetuous behaviour.  It is certain that, as in the old chinese proverb.  “The man who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day”.”

Discussion Time

  1. What do you like about your school library?
  2. What would you change?

Please make your comments in the box below.


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    1. Thank you Mekayda. I appreciate the kind words and the pleasure is mine to give up a little of my sleep time to do this for you and my other students. Do continue to shine and be the best of what God created you to be. All the best in your test.

    1. Well, Mekayda McLeod, you did your homework, you studied and it certainly paid off. Is 100% good enough for you? You got a perfect score and I am so proud to be your teacher. Guess what Mekayda? You taught yourself! See what you can achieve? Yes, you can! Continued success.

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