Sections of the TGHS Library

Sections of the TGHS Library


Welcome to our lesson entitled “Sections of the TGHS Library.” Today you will be called on to do a bit of thinking and observation before we look at the PowerPoint presentation.

When you see the word “sections” what comes to mind?

Did you think that something is divided?
Did you think that it has many areas?

Sliced. fruit and plate

Okay, now, look around the library.
Do you see “sections?”

Is the library divided into sections?
What did we use to divide the library?


Shelves with similar books? Yes! When you look, you see one big room. Right?

Large room with library books.

But look at each set of shelves. Yes, we place all the books with blue labels in the same section. All the books with green labels are in the same section as well.

What about books with red labels, are they together as well? Yes, these are the reference books. Reference books are to be used in the library. No, you are not allowed to take home reference books.

Now you get to visit the TGHS library. Speak with Miss Allison or Mr. Scarlette. Tell them you need to watch the  PowerPoint presentation entitled “Sections of the TGHS Library,” and come prepared to discuss in class.

Think about the following questions:

  1. How many sections are in the library?
  2. Which section has blue labels?
  3. What are books with imaginary stories called?
  4. What are books with facts called?
  5. One section of the library has both imaginary stories and books with facts. What do we call this section?

Please see the video below and learn about Melvil Dewey.

Where was Melvil Dewey from (nationality)?
What was his profession?
What did he create?

Now here is a video about the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

Answer the questions below by giving the DDC number. Where would you find?:

Mathematics book
Integrated Science
History of the World
Computer Books
Dance Moves
English Language

All the best in your class test. Please return to take a look at Caring for Books.


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