Welcome to Library Skills with Miss Crawford. I am elated that you took the time to visit this website. This was definitely not an accident, as I know that the Lord, for a number of reasons, led you to this website. Be prepared to learn and have fun as you read these pages, follow the links and think through the discussion questions.

Time to Know Her

I know my students can be inquisitive, so go ahead and click the “about me” button below. Here I will share some information about myself. We will continue the discussion in class. Students, please refrain from writing personal things in the comment boxes. I encourage you to be safe in this sometimes crazy CyberWorld.

I pray that you will be inspired and like me, you will continue to strive for excellence. Go ahead and click the button below.

About me.

 No Excuse Now

I have a lot in store for you. All the topics covered in class will appear on this website and guess what? We will include other topics which are not done in class. Yes, there goes your excuse that you missed class last week. Hmm, the lesson will be made available online. You can always visit the library for the handouts, which will at times be included as PDF files in the lessons.

Almost all the video lessons will be shared via the website, so you will want to visit the blog posts at least once per week. We are making an effort to have the lessons available before class. Smart, yes, I am giving you the opportunity to attend class already prepared. That’s ok. You can thank me in class.Smiley face

God be Praised 


Welcome again, and I do look forward to an exciting, fun-filled year of learning. I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to share with you this year. Let’s get ready to learn from each other. Be blessed, my little angels.